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Door Locks

<h1>Door Locks</h1>

When we move to a new property or just want to upgrade our door locks, we realize that we don't really know which lock will suit our needs best. There are so many companies on the market today selling locking systems (Yale, Banham, Chubb, SKS are just a few of them), that you may appreciate some professional assistance from someone who knows what they are talking about. Islington locksmiths are here to help you to make some sense of all this.

What should you consider when choosing a door lock?

First of all, we at Locksmith Islington, always stress that not all locks provide the same level of security. A high security lock will cost you more than just a few pounds, but they are the best locks on the market. If you're on a tight budget, then we can help you to select the best lock for your budget. Our locksmiths in Islington carry a wide selection of locks at affordable prices to suit every need.

Lock Installation - Our Expertise

Secondly, the lock must fit the door you would like to install it on. Locks fitted on wooden doors are different from locks installed on UPVC or glass doors. Even the thickness of the door is a factor which must be considered while choosing a door lock.

Front Door Locks

Most commonly used locking system for a front door in residential properties in the UK is probably a combination of rim latch and a mortice deadlock. The mortice deadlock can vary in number of levers, depending on the thickness of the door and the level of security needed for the property. Our advice will always be to install a 5 lever British Standard deadlock to insure your safety.

Another option, more advised for commercial properties by locksmiths Islington, is a cylinder mortice lock. In this case a single or a double Euro cylinder is fitted into a mortice lock and the new lock can be key operated from one or both sides.

Due to the vast variety of locking systems available, it's advisable to schedule an appointment with a professional locksmith in Islington and to get free professional estimation from an experienced home security adviser.

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